Zero Waste Community Event Toolkit

About The Toolkit

Even before the last person leaves the site you can begin the “tear down” of the system you have spend a lot of time creating. Any signage, promotional material, bags, etc. that you have used to make your event zero waste should be set aside for use at your next event. This will not only save you or your organization effort next time, it will save time and money.

Keep in mind as well that as the event concludes, volunteers and patrons get a little less “conscious” of some of the “rules” that have been in place throughout the event. Don’t let the last couple hours ruin all of the hard work that has been done to make the event waste free.

The key aspect of Post-Event as it relates to Zero Waste management is reviewing and noting what went well and what needs improvement, as well as tracking and recording all of the generated materials, materials that were successfully sent for recycling and materials that went to disposal.