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To gauge the success of your zero waste efforts, you will need to know how much waste you were able to divert from the disposal through reduce, reuse, recycling and composting. Part of this information can be obtained from your waste service contractor, providing it was included in your contract with them.

Additional information can come from tracking wastes during the event or conducting your own waste audit during or after the event. Whether you choose to track wastes during the event or conduct a waste audit will depend largely on your human resources. Your team of volunteers can easily track the number of bags or bins collected over the course of event if you have the resources to station a volunteer at each front-of-house collection depot or at the main collection areas back-of-house. [see Worksheet #3 of the Waste Audit Guide]

A waste audit is designed to inventory the vast array of waste materials that are disposed at your event. A waste audit will give you a snapshot of the materials being discarded at the event, which can help you target specific materials for diversion next year. A waste audit will also help you gauge the effectiveness of your recycling and composting efforts by quantifying the amounts of materials disposed of in waste, recycling and composting containers. Auditing all of the waste generated at your event is probably not possible, so you will need to audit just a sample of the waste. The Waste Audit/Tracking Guide provided in this toolkit provides you with instructions for completing your own audit.

Action Checklist

  • Confirm with your waste service contractor(s) when the bins will be picked up and remind them of your interest in obtaining volume and/or weight data for waste, recycling and composting, by material.
  • Conduct a “bag sampling” waste audit prior to collection of materials by the contractor.

Global Best Practice

Ballina Races, Ballinashire, Australia


Announcers at the races were asked to say: “The cup you are drinking out of is recyclable.” This simple announcement really seemed to work – they collected a 3 cubic metre bin full of uncontaminated PET cups! In previous years, the bins had been quite contaminated. The event will use the same announcement in future years.

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