Zero Waste Community Event Toolkit


Communications - Event Promotion

Media & Advertising

Before the event, you should inform the local media about what a zero waste event is and your intentions to be one. Not only will it make a great news story, it will serve as extra advertising for your event. Pre-event print, web and radio advertising should also highlight the event as zero waste. 

Action Checklist

  • Approach your local paper to see if they will write an public interest story on your environmental policies and practices
  • Send a press release about your zero waste event to local media and, if applicable, specific environment reporters/publications. Clearly articulate your diversion goals.
  • Arrange for photo opportunities and/or tours for media during the event.
  • Incorporate zero waste messaging into all pre-event advertising, including your event’s website and any promotional materials.
  • Use paperless advertising (e.g., website, radio) as much as possible.
  • Use recycled content paper and soy ink for print advertising.

Global Best Practice

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee promotes the event as a “green event” and has sponsored a “greening segment” on TV to promote the event’s green initiatives, which have included:

  • using biodegradable wraps, plates, cups and cutlery manufactured from a renewable resource
  • festival-wide recycling and composting programs
  • using tree-free posters
  • using post-consumer recycled toilet paper for portolets
  • using 100% recycled paper (30% post-consumer) for all of the program and administrative needs

Festival organizers are committed to promoting environmental consciousness and green living. Through the event’s lively website and online “Green Forum,” festival organizers engage Bonnaroo visitors, volunteers and others to discuss green initiatives and ideas for and beyond the festival. As well, the festival uses the website to report back to the Bonnaroo community about its green achievements. Through its efforts, Bonnaroo recycled 60% of its waste in 2007.

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