Zero Waste Community Event Toolkit

Zero Waste Toolkit for Event Coordinators

Ontario is home to more than 3,000 annual festival and events that host millions of attendees. All the things that we commonly enjoy at these festivals and events, including food, beverages and other products, often cause wastes that are typically sent to disposal. Ontario’s festival and events contribute to the 12 million tonnes of materials that go into Ontario’s landfills every year. Event organizers and municipalities that host events have an important opportunity to demonstrate their environmental leadership, both to their patrons and to their host communities. We welcome you to the Zero Waste Community Event Toolkit website, a guide for all users who want to celebrate both their events and the earth.


Integrate waste reduction measures at each stage of your event.


From beginners to experts, this toolkit has something for everyone.

  • Action lists
  • Tips
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  • Best Practices from Around the World

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