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Public and Volunteer Feedback

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Evaluating the results of your zero waste efforts is important to determine what worked and what could be improved for the next time. While calculating waste volumes will give you useful quantifiable information, you also need to know qualitative feedback on the success of waste minimization at your event, how patrons responded to your zero waste communications, and their ideas for improvement for your next event. Getting feedback from your volunteers, vendors and exhibitors on operational issues will also help with planning your next event.

Action Checklist

  • Administer a survey to patrons (e.g., on website) following the event to collect feedback about the success of the zero waste program.
  • Interview or survey vendors and exhibitors to collect feedback about the success of the zero waste program.

Global Best Practice

Public and Volunteer Feedback

Many events include questions about the zero waste or recycling program within their “Patron Survey” which is used to collect information about attendees’ satisfaction with the event. Questions about the level of awareness of the zero waste program, signage clarity, ideas for improvement, areas of weakness are all good questions to ask.

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