Zero Waste Community Event Toolkit


Support is Essential

Before you embark on developing a zero waste program for your event, you will need to gain the support of the numerous parties involved, including:

  • Event owners, committees, and/or Board of Directors
  • Event site owners/management
  • Sponsors
  • Vendors
  • Waste diversion service contractors

Before approaching these parties with your zero waste plans, consider the following:

  • Talk up the idea with others involved in the event; start to identify others who have the same interest in making zero waste a priority.
  • Start taking notes and phone numbers, identify key event people, learn how the event is organized, and how it operates.
  • Review the various sections of this toolkit to get an idea of the range of things you need to consider doing in the first year and in subsequent years.
  • Put your ideas on paper and get input from event authorities as well as volunteers and other people you have consulted.
  • Decide if you will form a Green Team [see Volunteer Recruitment & Training module], develop a zero waste policy and prepare a zero waste action plan (learn more about zero waste policies and action plans in the modules in this toolkit).

Once you have your ideas together, consider introducing your intention to organize a zero waste event by letter [see sample letter below] to the Organizing Committee and/or Board of Directors. By doing a presentation that focuses on the environmental, financial and public image benefits of being involved, you will be more likely to gain their buy-in. You will then be well-positioned to approach the other parties involved.


Get buy-in from the Top to the Bottom!!!
A successful zero waste event requires participation from all levels of the organization running the event. You can’t do it alone and you’ll be surprised at how many people will want to join your team…be enthusiastic!!!!

Sample Zero Waste Letter

Dear Organizing Committee: We represent a group of volunteers who have been discussing the idea of making our event more environmentally friendly by developing a “zero waste” policy and implementing actions that will help us work towards that goal.

We would like to meet with you to discuss the details of our proposal and your interest in moving the idea ahead.

Sincerely, Green Team