Zero Waste Community Event Toolkit


The Clean Up


Your job doesn’t end the moment the last patron leaves your event. Cleaning up can be a huge undertaking and will include litter collection and preparing waste materials for pick-up. During this time, you have a great opportunity to capture more materials to put in your recycling and composting bins.

Action Checklist

  • Assign volunteers or staff to help with site tear down and collection of on-site bins for final trip to the central waste collection area.
  • Remind your vendors and exhibitors of their requirement to take all materials/structures associated with their booth with them.
  • Ensure that you have a system in place to measure all materials collected and calculate the diversion rate (the materials that went to recycling and or composting)
  • Ensure that the main collection bins for recycling and composting are well-managed and not contaminated with the non-recyclable or non-compostable materials.
  • Provide litter clean-up crew with bags/containers for all waste streams so that they can sort materials into the proper categories as they go.
  • Recover all signage and keep in a safe place for reuse the following year or at other events.
  • Rinse and dry waste collection bins if they are to be stored until the next event.
  • Make sure the site tear-down crew is on board with your “zero waste” policy and that materials are being sorted for reuse, reduction or recycling where possible.


Zero Waste Policies