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The minute someone arrives at your event, they need to be made aware that it is a zero waste event and of how they can participate. You should create a “culture of conservation” and a feeling of engagement. In addition to the signage discussed in “Before the Event,” you can communicate the zero waste program to patrons in other ways once the event gets underway, including announcements, surveys and through your volunteers.

If appropriate to the event, you may consider hosting a “zero waste booth” which serves as a central meeting location for volunteers and staff, and which functions as an information centre for patrons with questions about your zero waste goals.

Action Checklist

  • Provide speaking notes to MCs and other people with a “voice” at the event that they can use to announce the zero waste activities occurring during the event.
  • Provide specialty T-shirts for volunteers or your green team that promote the event as a zero waste event.
  • Administer a visitor survey to collect feedback about the zero waste program at the event. It will have the dual purpose of communicating the program if a patron is unaware and collecting valuable feedback that can be used to improve future events
  • Encourage your volunteers and staff to spread the zero waste program by word of mouth during the event.
  • Identify the best location for your zero waste booth.
  • Incorporate the zero waste booth into your zero waste event plan and allocate staff/volunteers to occupy the booth throughout the event.
  • Encourage regular communication amongst volunteers to identify problem areas and solutions.

Global Best Practice

Ballina Races, Ballinashire, Australia


Announcers at the races were asked to say: “The cup you are drinking out of is recyclable.” This simple announcement really seemed to work – they collected a 3 cubic metre bin full of uncontaminated PET cups! In previous years, the bins had been quite contaminated. The event will use the same announcement in future years.

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