Zero Waste Community Event Toolkit


Zero Waste Action Plan


Your organization will likely want to decide for itself what its zero waste policy will be. But if you need a little help getting started, check out the model zero waste policy in our toolbox.


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Our toolbox begins with a template that can form the first section of your zero waste action plan. Add in other tools from this toolkit to customize and complete an action plan that suits your event type, size and resources.

To make your event zero waste, you need to develop an action plan. The plan will guide you through the various stages of event planning and tell you what you need to do at each stage to minimize waste. Your plan doesn’t need to be complicated. This toolkit provides you with a basic template from which you can build a plan that suits your goals and situation.

The action items of your plan should be organized under the following headings:

  • Pre-Event
  • During the Event
  • Post-Event

The modules in this toolkit correspond to each of these headings and will provide you with the actions you need to include in each section of your plan. What actions you chose to incorporate into your plan will depend on many variables, including the size of your event, the type of event, the venue, your resources, the complexity of the event and its management. Don’t forget to include written “goals and objectives” as well as a budget for zero waste activities in your workplan and have it approved well in advance of your event date.

Zero Waste Policies